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Text Messaging Solutions for Business

When you need to send short and accurate messages to customers, partners, or employees, SMS text messaging represents a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to communicate.

All-in-One Business Text Messaging Software

Use our robust business text messaging service to enhance communications and improve business operations.

Sub-Accounts for Team Members

You can create sub-accounts that give team members access to all features. SMS credit is distributed through your main account.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

With a dedicated number for your business you will be able to receive text messages from anyone without having to text them first.

SMS Sender ID

Display your company name as the sender of a text message, turning a simple SMS into a powerful branding tool.

Long Text Messages

Send long text messages up to 918 characters in length. You can send long text messages when 160 characters is not enough.

Languages & Unicode SMS

Send and receive text messages in any language: SMS in English, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian or any other language.

SMS STOP Command

Subscribers can text STOP to unsubscribe from your messages, allowing them to opt out at any time and reducing your costs.

Reporting & Analytics

Access performance metrics like delivery, reply rates and costs through the Bulk SMS Advertisment admin panel and export data when needed.

Secure Text Messaging

All our sites and services are secured with SSL / HTTPS and your contacts, messages and accounts are fully backed up 24 / 7 / 365.

Voice Calls Forwarding

Forward your Bulk SMS Advertisment number to any phone so that potential customers can call you in response to your text with a single click.

Incoming Messages Automation

Create automatic rules for processing incoming text messages – including auto-replies and adding subscribers to lists.

Send SMS Online with Our Business Texting App

Reach your mobile workforce or your customers through text; we can send text messages to more than 200+ countries worldwide.

Send Bulk SMS Online

An online texting solution that enables you to quickly and cost-effectively send bulk messages to anywhere in the world.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Generate more sales and qualified leads for your business with two-way SMS marketing that hits the mark.

Schedule Text Messages

Schedule your important SMS reminders, alerts, campaigns and notifications online to be sent when needed.

SMS Attachments

If you need to send more information to staff and customers, you can attach images, Word files, PDF files. It’s better than MMS.

Contacts & Lists

Improve your SMS communication by sorting all your contacts in your database into different groups and lists.

Import Mobile Numbers

Upload from Excel or copy from clipboard – it only takes one minute to get started with your text messaging contacts list.

List Building & Subscribe Forms

Each visitor to your website is a potential mobile subscriber; catch their details today with Bulk SMS Advertisment powerful subscribe forms.

Mail Merge SMS & Templates

Mail merge custom fields enable you to send thousands of personalised text messages in just seconds to recipients all over the world.

Text to Speech

Create a text message and let Text to Speech feature turn it into a call to any mobile phone or landline around the world.

Voice Broadcast

Upload audio files and deliver them as calls straight to your customers’ phones by using the Bulk SMS Advertisment voice broadcast feature.

Click to Text Forms

SMS contact forms show your availability to the customers and improve communication with your website visitors and leads.