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Targeted SMS

Sending a text from an email address is simple, efficient, and reliable. We simply convert your email into a text message and deliver it, with all replies then arriving as emails.

Choose the criteria for your campaign


Region, city, district and street


Subscriber’s spending rate per month on
telecommunication services

The volume of used Internet traffic

The average rate of Internet traffic usage per month

Operating system of the device

Android, iOS or other

Device model

Criteria by device vendor


Audience who used roaming or not

Advantages of Targeted SMS

The “Targeted SMS” service allows you to send information to the client, who is most interested in this message.


Communicate directly with the target audience.

Own base

Use the lifecell base to attract new customers.


Promotional messages are delivered only to customers who have agreed to receive them.

Cost saving

High profitability of the advertising campaign due to targeting.
Minimum campaign must be at least 10,000 messages per month. In case of failure to reach this level, the minimum cost is set to 10 000 messages.
The billing is carried out for delivered SMS on post-payment terms.
Possible criteria for the formation of the base:

  • Geo (region, district, city)
  • ARPU (how much a subscriber spent on a month for telecommunication services)
  • The amount of used Internet per month in MB
  • Type of operating system (Android or iOS), etc.
  • Device manufacturer
The user base is impersonal.

The message must have some benefits for the subscribers of lifecell – discount, special offer, etc.
• You need to provide a Call Center reference number, which allows subscribers to clarify information or refuse mailing to their numbers.
• SMS text :
– Latin, the maximum length of the message is 160 characters
– Cyrillic, maximum length of the message is 134 characters

The subscriber base is not provided to the partner. Upon completion of the mailing, the report may be sent to the partner upon request.